Café Tarina, which opened in Munkkiniemi, Helsinki in 2017, has been highly successful and expanded with a branch in shopping centre Ainoa in Tapiola, Espoo in 2019. Café Tarina is known for delicious pastries, lunch, a warm and light atmosphere and, of course, the special dark roast coffee tailor-made by us for the café in the beginning of its journey.

"When we were opening our café it was obvious we want to serve our own signature coffee. We were in contact with Robert Paulig Roastery and agreed to have couple of sample roasts that was made according to our preferences. After tasting the coffee first time we instantly saw one of them exactly as what we were looking for. It was a dark roasted coffee that would work perfectly with or without milk. At the beginning few of our customers thought that the coffee was too dark for their palates because we were the first café in our area to serve dark roasted coffee. Few weeks later everyone loved it and we got plenty of positive feedback ever since. 

When a new customer enters our café and asks what kind of coffee we have it's our pleasure to say that our coffee is our very own blend and it's being roasted at Robert Paulig Roastery micro roastery in Porvoo. Coffee is acting a major role in our offering so that's why it's absolutely crucial that our coffee has consistent quality and it's being brewed with clean equipment." Says Essi, founder of Café Tarina 

Café Tarina’s signature coffee, “Tarina Blend”, tailor-made for the café, is a dark roast blend of coffees from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala, with a very rich and nutty aroma. As most people in Finland enjoy their coffee with milk, a more intense coffee is ideal for drinking with milk and oat drinks. A signature coffee is also an efficient way to stand out from other cafés which do not serve the same coffee. This unique coffee blend is available in beans and ground for take-away purchases. The coffee tailor-made for Café Tarina is a perfect gift idea, housewarming present or for enjoying in the home office.
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Customer story: Hotel U14 & Restaurant Version

Customer story: Hotel U14 & Restaurant Version

In spring 2020 we had the honour of designing a signature coffee for the new U14 Hotel, and its restaurant Version, which opened in Helsinki. Check out what kind of coffee U14 chose!
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New Coffee! A+RPR - 4th wave collaboration coffee with Artisan Café & Roastery

New Coffee! A+RPR - 4th wave collaboration coffee with Artisan Café & Roastery

We decided to join forces with the revered top-notch-cafe and roastery Artisan and create something new - collaboration coffee A+RPR. The coffee is made special by not only the exceptional coffee inside it but the outer layer which you can fill with soil and grow a douglas fir out from it to compensate the CO2 impact caused by the coffee.
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