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Add soil and water to the package and you can grow a douglas fir out from it.

A+RPR is a so-called 4th wave coffee. Coffee waves mean different coffee trends such as arrival of espresso based drinks and craft of the coffee. 4th wave is best described by word sciencedetails and holistic experience. In this coffee you can see that in three ways: in the coffee processing, coffee packaging and the coffee enjoying experience. 

Coffee for the product comes from famous and experimental coffee farm El Paraiso in Colombia. Coffee has been double fermented and dried with a so called Eco-Enigma controlled drying device. The exceptional method makes this coffee taste very exceptional with notes of strawberry. This a competition-level-coffee you don't often face so it's for you who really want to experience something extra nice! 

Coffee has been packed into a cool package which has a special role in the supply chain. By adding soil and water to the empty bottom of the outer layer you can grow a douglas fir out from it to compensate the CO2 impact of the coffee.

To ensure your tasting experience we also developed a coffee cup for the coffee which works like a wine glass capturing the aromas of the coffee best possible way. 

This collaboration coffee is a limited edition and available at Artisan Café and Roastery in both the store and the webshop for a short period of time. 

kahvikuppi, coffee cup, wine glass, multisensory, moniaistinen
The cup has been designed by barista Jani Mikkonen. It's propably the best coffee cup you'll ever have. 


Coffee & Sustainability

Coffee & Sustainability

Sustainability work by coffee roasteries has generated a lot of interest in recent years, and conscious coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs of high-quality coffee expect coffee roasteries to accept responsibility for the impacts that the coffee they produce may have on the future. As we are frequently asked about the concrete measures we undertake to ensure sustainability, we would like to highlight some of our most significant projects in the field.
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Customer story: Hotel U14 & Restaurant Version

Customer story: Hotel U14 & Restaurant Version

In spring 2020 we had the honour of designing a signature coffee for the new U14 Hotel, and its restaurant Version, which opened in Helsinki. Check out what kind of coffee U14 chose!
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Customer story: Café Tarina

Customer story: Café Tarina

Café Tarina, which opened in Munkkiniemi, Helsinki in 2017, has been highly successful and expanded with a branch in shopping centre Ainoa in Tapiola, Espoo in 2019. Café Tarina is known for delicious pastries, lunch, a warm and light atmosphere and, of course, the special dark roast coffee tailor-made by us for the café in the beginning of its journey.
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