We roast your coffee cleanly with biogas and solar energy

Our coffee roastery is situated in the seaside village of Tolkkinen in Porvoo in a spacious building. We wanted to utilise the large roof for a good purpose and got the idea in 2017 to build a solar power plant of our own. It was completed in early spring 2018. Of the 2,000 square metres of the roof, 500 were covered by solar panels delivered by our partner Solnet, and the panels produce approximately 45 MWh of renewable energy every year, supplying electricity for roasting our coffees. In addition to solar energy, we also use biogas in the heating of the roasters.


Our coffee packaging is now recyclable

In 2020, we adopted recyclable packaging materials for our own coffees, and we no longer use aluminum, which is typically used in coffee bags. Our coffee is now packaged in 100% recyclable packages, which keep out the oxygen, harmful for the storage of coffee.

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Our coffee is 100% verified sustainable

We only use verified sustainable coffee. Most of our coffee is sourced from partnership programmes established with our partners in the countries of origin of the coffee. We have established partnership programmes with partners like Coffee & Climate, International Coffee Partners and Fairtrade.

 The most concrete partnership programmes are ones in which farmers in a certain region are brought together and their working and living conditions are improved through concrete measures, aiming at more sustainable cultivation of coffee, and ensuring the well-being of the farming community. The measures may include training on better cultivation methods, building better coffee processing systems, or helping the farmers to gain entry to certification systems.


Customer story: Hotel U14 & Restaurant Version

Customer story: Hotel U14 & Restaurant Version

In spring 2020 we had the honour of designing a signature coffee for the new U14 Hotel, and its restaurant Version, which opened in Helsinki. Check out what kind of coffee U14 chose!
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Customer story: Café Tarina

Customer story: Café Tarina

Café Tarina, which opened in Munkkiniemi, Helsinki in 2017, has been highly successful and expanded with a branch in shopping centre Ainoa in Tapiola, Espoo in 2019. Café Tarina is known for delicious pastries, lunch, a warm and light atmosphere and, of course, the special dark roast coffee tailor-made by us for the café in the beginning of its journey.
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New Coffee! A+RPR - 4th wave collaboration coffee with Artisan Café & Roastery

New Coffee! A+RPR - 4th wave collaboration coffee with Artisan Café & Roastery

We decided to join forces with the revered top-notch-cafe and roastery Artisan and create something new - collaboration coffee A+RPR. The coffee is made special by not only the exceptional coffee inside it but the outer layer which you can fill with soil and grow a douglas fir out from it to compensate the CO2 impact caused by the coffee.
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