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"Saunakahvi" forfamous Sauna & Restaurant Löyly

Did you know that in Finnish sauna tradition we used to drink hot cup of coffee right after sauna? We want to honor that tradition with famous and well-known restaurant and sauna Löyly with their dark roasted signature coffee which was roasted first time at 2018!
A+RPR, 4th wave coffee, collaboration, yhteistyökahvi, erikoiskahvi, speciality coffee

"A+RPR" in collaboration with Café Artisan

At the spring of 2020 we wanted to get speciality coffee to another level by collaborating with Café Artisan. A+RPR was not special only by its anaerobically fermented raw coffee which came from Colombian Finca El Paraiso farm but the package itself could be buried to the ground before a douglas fir is being grown from the package to compensate the CO2 footprint caused by producing this coffee. This is a limited availability coffee available just at Artisan webshop.
Collaboration, u14, hotel, boutique, coffee, speciality coffee

"Version Coffee" for boutique hotel U14

At the spring of 2020 we had an honor to design a sustainable coffee for boutique hotel U14 that opened its doors to the heart of Helsinki. Version Coffee reflects the sustainable values of the hotel and is available at the breakfast as well as the restaurant of the hotel and can be also bought home as a souvenier!
Tin tin tango, coffee, kahvi, collaboration, sustainable, speciality coffee

"Töölön tummapaahto" for a true classic - Café Tin Tin Tango

Few years ago we had a chance to tailor a dark roasted coffee for well-known Café Tin Tin Tango that has become an iconic café at the Töölö, Helsinki. The coffee has dark and powerful character and has become a signature product of the Café. It's also available for purchase into the homes of numerous visitors in smaller packages.